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This might be the longest post I'll ever write on this site.

When I started writing for over a year ago, it wasn't out of a desire to write, but because I care about Linux and indie games, and I wanted to make others excited about Linux gaming too. Since then, I have written or contributed to more than 200 articles, but even though I've made a fair amount of content, I still find that it takes a lot of time and effort.

Because of that, there are many games that I wish I could write about that I don't, and it's frustrating. Many of the games I care about are small, personal indie games that probably won't be mentioned on any of the bigger video game sites, and could still really need the attention.

That's why I've had this idea kicking around in my head since last year, that I think finally has matured enough that I want to make it into something real. I'm starting a blog where I'll usually just write a few words about a game, post a few links and try to plug it to anyone who might be interested. Something low-effort.

My main inspiration for this project is, but I'm also a fan of Buy Some Indie Games! and From Indies with Love, so expect a bit of those seeping into my writing from time to time too.

This doesn't mean that I'll now only post my writing here—it just means I'll post here the times when I normally wouldn't have posted anything anywhere. And though most of the content here will probably be on the short side, I'll also sometimes write things that aren't exactly "newsworthy", but might be more personal than what would be a good fit for other sites.

I realize that this is a niche within a niche and that there's a good chance that few will notice the things I post here. That's OK—I'm mostly doing this for myself. But if someone discovers a game because of this blog, or I make someone happy for writing about their game, I will feel pretty good about that.


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